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Powered by Independent Contractors:  

Required Independent Contractor Equipment:  

Required Independent Contractor Equipment:  


Independent Contractors will be required to provide the following:
All related costs associated with owning and operating your personal delivery vehicle such as, but not limited to, insurance, fuel, vehicle maintenance, tires etc. Payment to Independent Contractors will be a percentage (commission) of each delivery preformed by the Independent Contractor. Independent Contractor will be required to sign an Independent Contractor Agreement before driving for Fastlane Courier. This agreement does not preclude the Independent Contractor from driving for other companies or owning your own company. If you already have an established delivery business and are looking for additional income, please feel free to contact us.

Driver Application:
Click here to print a Driver Application, fill it out and send it to:
Fastlane Courier
PO Box 22850
Salt Lake City, Utah 84122-0850
or fax it to 801-972-2508
You can hand delivery your application or resume to:
1751 West Alexander Ave (2410 South)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

If you have a resume you can email it to here.